QUICK PLUG Hydraulic & Anchoring Cement

DAP® Quick Plug® Hydraulic & Anchoring Cement is a versatile high-performance patching compound, formulated to stop running water through deep cracks, holes and imperfections in concrete and masonry surfaces.  When used properly, it creates a watertight seal in just 3 to 5 minutes.  DAP® Quick Plug® works both above and below ground level.  It can also be used to anchor machinery and other fixtures into masonry and concrete surfaces.  DAP® Quick Plug® expands slightly to fill all voids, securely locking itself into place.  When completely cured, it is stronger than Portland cement.  

Color Available:

  • Gray

SKU Product Code Unit Size Color Case Pack Weight Dimensions Cases/ Pallet
7079810060 10060 1.25kg Grey 6 17.3 lbs. 18'' x 4'' x 4'' 180
7079810070 10070 5kg Grey 2 23.6 lbs. 15'' x 8.25'' x 8.25'' 75
7079810080 10080 10kg Grey 1 22.18 lbs. 8'' x 15.75'' x 9'' 96
10060, 10070, 10080 English French