Plaster of Paris (Dry Mix)

DAP®/Bondex® Patching Plaster is a ready mixed, easy-to-use general purpose patching material used to fill holes and cracks and treat surfaces prior to painting.  The product has a smooth working consistency, dries quickly, is non-shrinking and sands easily.  Recommended for interior use only.   

Color Available:

  • White

SKU Product Code Unit Size Color Case Pack Weight Dimensions Cases/ Pallet
7079860120 60120 10kg White 1 22.24 lbs. 8'' x 15.75'' x 9'' 96
7079860110 60110 2kg White 6 27.6 lbs. 18'' x 3.75'' x 3.75'' 90
60120, 60110, 60100 English French English